Been busy

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So, I've been pretty busy this last month or so, gets pretty hectic around that time of year, and I see that people are actually checking out this place now...
Things that happened while I was away:

  • I now own the domain, it points to this site ^_^
  • I have started a new set of goldbots on the Hera server in Silkroad
  • A new program has came out of the works, a very simple, yet effective tool called Q, the Silkroad Login Server Editor - It modifies your hosts file so you always get on the login server you want.
  • The year is now 2010 (Happy new years, by the way)
  • The AutoIt team has released AutoIt v3.3.2.0, which brings in some much-welcomed changes to InetGet() and Adlib functionality among many other things.
  • Silkroad Online has introduced the Hotan fortress
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