Hey, I have a blog? Oh yeah...

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...I remember that thing...

Well, I tried doing an update and it turns out that Habari does NOT want to be updated, so I guess this version stays.

Basically, I've been off doing a ton of things, ended up being a channel operator of #MinecraftHelp on EsperNet which is the official community support channel, got hooked on Minecraft like just about everyone else it seems now. (But it's OK! I'm a hipster and was hooked on it before it really hit it big!)
Oh, and I made a chat program called kChat, although I'm not sure if I added that to my project list. (If not, I'll do it shortly)

I think that's about it for now, and I'll try to blog a bit more although I've never been one for hardcore blogging.

Links to things!
kChat's website
Minecraft's official website (This is definitely a game worth checking out if you loved Legos when you were a kid, and it's only 15 euros, or about 20 US Dollars)
Own Minecraft and need some help with it? Click to check out the channel #MinecraftHelp

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