Joymax integrates Ahnlab's HackShield into Silkroad Online

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Yesterday, Joymax, the parent company for the popular MMORPG Silkroad Online, has added Ahnlab's HackShield Pro into their flagship game in an attempt to stop people from using 3rd party programs such as loaders and "bots". Well, in true Joymax form, they did not implement it correctly, and bots work just fine, for the most part. There are a few bots with the ability to play the game without the game client actually running, these are the only bots that have really been affected by this, so gold companies like ThePowerLevel are on hold until a way around HackShield can be found. At the moment, the partial integration has been relatively seamless, with most users not even knowing this new security exists. Server traffic reports from The 6th Revolution are seeing a dramatic decrease in overall traffic, with Silkroad servers usually running at capacity are now running at a comfortable 50% ~ 70%.

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