kChat and the Simple Chat Protocol

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Hello, as of late, I have been working on a very simple chat protocol (similar to a spiced-up Telnet as far as packet structure goes) that allows people to get their feet wet in TCP client/server connections in AutoIt. If you would like to learn how to do these sorts of things using the AutoIt language (or would like to design a client in a different language, it just has to support TCP connections), then feel free to shoot me an email, I would be happy to share my knowledge with others. If you already know how to do TCP connections and would like to take a shot at making your own client, (or server), then a basic spec sheet for the protocol can be found HERE. I run a testbed server at kealper.com on the default port listed in the spec sheet (100).

In other news: Wow! I have not blogged about anything in forever! I guess I'll try to stay on top of this more from now on.

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