Silkroad Online Movie: The Enlightenment Path

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Alrighty, I was perusing the interwebs, as usual, and came across this nine-part 85 minute long full-length movie that was made using the game Silkroad Online, some sounds from various games/anime shows, and a bit of editing, blood, sweat, and tears. The movie has no vocals, but has subtitles for when the characters are talking. If you can get past the grammar and mechanics errors, it is quite a gripping film, and by far the best Silkroad Online video I have ever seen.

I have compiled a playlist on YouTube of all nine parts, in order which you can watch by clicking the link below.
Sadly, I could not find a way to embed the videos into here and still have them play through that playlist, so I have just supplied the link. If you did not understand what went on durring a part of the video, expand the description to show the plot summary for that part.

All nine parts of this movie can be seen on a YouTube Playlist I compiled HERE. It will automatically switch to the next part once the last one is done.

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