About Me

Hello, my name is Ken Piper, I'm a computer geek from Port Huron, Michigan, and I love to play computer games. I am a casual guitar player, I know a fair amount of songs, but my favorite type to play is ones that user power chords/normal chords. The computer game I am currently frequenting is an MMORPG called Silkroad Online, and it is quite fun if you can get past the bot problem, I've found a simple saying that helps with that little quirk, "If ya can't beat em, join em.".

I make quite a lot of small tools and programs, using a language called AutoIt. In my opinion, it is quite a powerful language that is very easy to learn, if you have the dedication to sit down and just read the help files. (If you would like help with AutoIt, feel free to join me in IRC for some help!)

I can usually be contacted either through Windows Live!, Xfire, Email, and IRC; The methods of contact are listed below.

Live! - kealper@gmail.com
Xfire - kealper
Email - kealper@gmail.com

IRC - Kealper (irc.esper.net:6667 in channel #MCChatter)

NOTE: IRC is Internet Relay Chat, and you need an IRC client like mIRC, Xchat, or an online client like Mibbit to connect! I think that is all for now...

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