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A note about this day, November 6th.

Ok people, this is a post about politics, but it most certainly isn't the usual political post you'll see. Note: I will not preach to anyone why X is better or worse than Y, etc. Instead, this is intended to be a long, informative, non-partisan reminder about the "what's what" for today. And no, this isn't ...

Best. Beard. Ever.

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I don't even have to explain...

Youtube is down, the world is ending!

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Might as well jump on the blogosphere bandwagon, YouTube is getting a HTTP 502 "Bad Gateway" error, and has been for a little while now, and Twitter is abuzz something fierce! EDIT: YouTube service is now restored!

Kealper's Quick Picks Firefox Collection

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For all people who use Mozilla Firefox, I have assembled a "Collection" containing the add-ons I can not live without. The link to this collection is: https://addons.mozilla.org/collections/kealper/kealper (After installing all 4 add-ons, I recommend going through the configurable options on each, to customize each add-on and further increase the personalizification.) If you would like an easy, ...

A Really Annoying Problem

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As it seems, Russian spam servers keep hitting my blog hard (Thank God for robust spam detection on my blog's backend!). Usually it's the first blog post when organized alphabetically, which happens to be the one titled "Accepted For Beta Testing". So, to try and combat this, this blog post will start with "A ", so ...