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Microsoft's Windows 8 Plans Leaked

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It looks like some details for Windows 8, Microsoft's up-and-coming operating system that is still in the planning stage, were swiped from a Hewlett Packard office and have been leaked out over the net. Details, screenshots, and other goodies can be found over at MSFT Kitchen.

I'm in for Karos Online's closed beta testing!

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Looks like I scored another beta test, it is going to be held this Friday through to Sunday. The website is KarosGame.com, and this looks like it has some potential, but I guess I wont know that for sure until tomorrow. :P On a side note: Dang, it's already Thursday...where did Monday and Tuesday go? >.>

Accepted for beta testing :P

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Oh joy, I was accepted for beta testing of tClientless, a program that can log in to Silkroad Online without actually needing to start up a SRO client...I attempted to make my own clientless, but after Joymax decided to continually change the client/server opcode headers for each packet...well...that put that on the backburner...I have found it ...