A Really Annoying Problem

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As it seems, Russian spam servers keep hitting my blog hard (Thank God for robust spam detection on my blog's backend!). Usually it's the first blog post when organized alphabetically, which happens to be the one titled "Accepted For Beta Testing". So, to try and combat this, this blog post will start with "A ", so it appears first by the way the spam bots organized, and comments will be disabled....hopefully this stops 90% of the spam problem, because I would really hate to have to ban Russia's IP range from my server entirely because of this problem. So, to reiterate: This is not a complaint post, it's a test to help curb the amount of spam I'm getting by having it the top blog post (alphabetically) and disabling comments. If it works, this post will stay; If not, then away it goes! (50+ spam comments a day last week, all from Russia, is a little ridiculous!)

Lets hope this works...

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