BWG OpenArena server up and running!

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The Blue Water Gaming OpenArena dedicated server is up and running again! OpenArena, or OA, is a First-Person Shooter game based off of the ioquake3 fork of ID Software's GPL release of Quake 3 Arena. You can check OA out at Please note: OA is intended for mature (17+) audiences only, for partial nudity, language, and blood/violence!

You can find the BWG OpenArena server usually sitting near the top of the server list with the name BWG - Fun Time TDM|Custom Maps!, or you can connect by hitting the tilde key (the one to the left of the "1" key), typing "/connect" without quotes, and pressing enter.
The server is usually running no mods, and only custom maps (to get the maps automatically, enable Automatic Downloading in the game settings.) which download fast. On occasion, the server will be running either the Alternate Fire! 2.0 mod, the Corkscrew mod, or the Freezetag mod, all of which can be downloaded in-game if you have Automatic Downloading turned on. The server is running OA v0.8.1, you must have that version or you cannot connect!

Please note: Any person with the name format "<BWG>Username" is official BWG staff, and are admins on the BWG OpenArena server!

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