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Taken from a forum that I moderate:

math_darg450: Since last inspection ive been having some weird lag on some of my
non-clientless characters every like 2 or 3 seconds i would lag and my sro would freeze
for like 1 or 2 seconds. i never had any kind of lag before.

i have windows 7 64 bits,
quad core 2.7ghz,
8800GT nvidia video card,
8go ram memory ddr2

i run around 11 clients and when i restart the sbot without dcal the lag stop ... so i was thinking it DCAL
creating those lags. i run my DCAL as administrator. if anyone experiencing the same kind of lag please
reply with solution ^_^
thx <3<3<3

Evil: I really do not know just "how" DCAL can be the cause of the lag. But I guess anything is possible.
I run DCAL with all 30 clients open & the only lag I get comes from Joymax. This might be a stupid question
to you but with you running that many clients it is relevant. When was the last time you restarted your PC
before that started happening last Fri?

Kealper: hmm...yea it might be your computer just needs to restart...sro will get very screwy and half
lock up for 1-2 sec ALOT if its working set of ram has been cleared a few times, windows will periodically
do this when other applications like games and ram-intensive programs need more ram than is available,
it will usually free up the working set of the programs that have been running the longest/been in
background the longest if you just had your sros botting minimized for a while, then opened
other games that require alot of ram, it gets taken away from the sros...which makes it lag for no
apparent reason...

try will fix it if that is the problem

math_dark450: i run call of duty 6 while my sro are botting so you say restarting could clear my
ram and stop those lags O_O ??

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